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BuildSMART manufactures foundation and exterior structural wall panels systems

From inception, BuildSMART’s focus has been on making high performance building simple, fast and affordable. We have over 10 years' project experience with panelized walls on Passive House projects and others with very high demands for greater energy efficiency and durability.

Produced per Order | Customized to Your Design Goals

We deliver your design dreams. BuildSMART Wall Panels comply with the architectural design intent, R-value and fire resistance requirements of each project - All with continuous exterior insulation, and with windows and doors already installed and sealed tight against leaks.

Prefabricated building envelope systems in the United States and Canada

BuildSMART is transforming the industry one project at a time. Factory production of the exterior envelope is fast tracked with site preparation and foundation work. Over ten trips around the building and a significant amount of labor on site is replaced by prefabrication in our factory. The fast track solution helps to reduce time to market for Developers, helps Architects approve shop drawings more quickly and helps Contractors more efficiently schedule the work, procure materials and manage labor.


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