Huber House

Blower door test? It’s a breeze

Our guys  recently helped the owners conduct a blower door test after our panels were installed. An initial test showed an ACH50 of 0.55, well below the Passive House maximum of 0.6 ACH50 but above the target of 0.45 ACH50 for the structure in its shell phase.

At this point on typical projects, a lengthy leak investigation process would begin. Build SMART's Rob Leonard has been on jobs where this portion can last up to 2 days.

Not on this house. The total time to get the test results below the target of 0.45 ACH50 took less than 1 hour. The culprit? A window had been left partially open.  

“I feel for the owners and builders that aren’t aware of Build SMART and are still spending countless frustrating hours leak-chasing and likely losing sleep,” Leonard said.

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Project Location - Boydton, VA