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J-Form Foundation Insulation System

Frost-protected slab on grade insulation system designed to meet your comfort objectives and energy efficiency goals.

Provides fast and easy slab pour with significantly less steel and concrete.

Various configurations are available. The image above shows the most used installation. J-Form system conforms to model building code requirements and industry standard ASCE 32-01 Design and Construction of Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations which allows compacted gravel in lieu of concrete frost footings. Concrete frost footings and stem walls are not required! Simply pour slab with thickened edge in the J-Form on gravel filled trench. 


BuildSMART Fabricates a Range of Wall Panel Types

This diagram shows the assembly for net zero energy ready Passive House compliant walls.

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Computer driven manufacturing allows us to offer mass-customization to everyone. BuildSMART exterior wall panel assemblies are bespoke – produced per order - to comply with the architectural design intent, R-value and fire resistance requirements of each project.

The following guidelines allow quick standard pricing. Premium pricing applies to wall panels outside of these guidelines.


Available Window and Door Sizes for Standard Pricing

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Let us know your project parameters. We routinely collaborate with project teams early in the design phase to optimize the energy and cost budgets. Earlier the better. To the extent that they are developed, send drawings including plans, elevations, sections, window and door schedules, code requirements, energy efficiency requirements and cost budget. We w respond with assembly recommendations and pricing that meets your requirements and protects your design intent.

BuildSMART Wall Panel Systems

Windows and doors are pre-installed, air-tightened and water sealed.

The building science of well-sealed buildings has advanced dramatically in recent years. BuildSMART is committed to a "quality first" approach in design and testing. Industry “common knowledge” using outdated techniques is a disservice to the building owner and occupants and it is typical in the industry. With BuildSMART systems a very well air-sealed and insulated building can be built without any need for the crew to know the building science behind it all. All they need to do is follow simple installation guides and the result is a safe, efficient, long lived, healthy and quiet building. Risk is removed. The BuildSMART system has been proven on project after project.

Panels are configured for each project:

Non-fire-rated or fire-rated - optimized to the energy and cost budgets: Every BuildSMART project is produced with wall assemblies tailored to satisfy each specific energy modeling, green building certification, HERS rating and fire resistance requirement.

  • Net Zero Energy Ready

  • Passive House performance

  • Building code compliant including IECC requirements for continuous exterior insulation

  • Energy STAR building in the 75th percentile nationwide for similar buildings

  • LEED energy efficiency credits 


Building Code Compliance

The Architect of Record (AOR) determines the local code requirements. Since local codes tend to be based on national model codes, BuildSMART has wall assembly designs and corresponding compliance documents developed for consideration by designers and local code officials in the United States and Canada.

Almost any Building Type can be constructed with BuildSMART panels!

IBC Summary Table for Exterior Walls

We understand that some designers and code officials seek UL listings to determine acceptable fire-resistant wall assemblies.  Just as Architects and Contractors do not obtain UL listings for their stick-built assemblies and instead rely on the compliance documents of material suppliers, BuildSMART relies on the compliance documents of our raw material suppliers.

Compliance with the locally adopted building code is our minimum legal requirement.  As a baseline, BuildSMART uses the most recently published version of two predominant building codes. Minimum compliance, however, does not address the investment potentials and health benefits of high performance building. BuildSMART’s aspiration is to contribute to life-changing building projects.


Firewall 1-hour EPS CEI: 1-hour fire rated wall assembly. Designed to resist fire exposure; 1-hour from exterior and interior. Includes EPS Continuous Exterior Insulation (CEI). Based on Intertek LP/WPPS 60-01 as extended by credentialed Engineering Analysis to cover BuildSMART’s CEI and 1-hour rated panel to panel joints.

Firewall 1-hour PIC CEI: 1-hour fire rated wall assembly. Designed to resist fire exposure; 1-hour from exterior and interior. Includes polyisocyanurate (PIC) Continuous Exterior Insulation (CEI).

Firewall 1-hour Mineral Wool CEI: 1-hour fire rated wall assembly. Designed to resist fire exposure; 1-hour from exterior and interior. Includes mineral wool Continuous Exterior Insulation (CEI).


Net-Zero-Energy-Ready Wall Panel System

Window Panel Exploded View.jpg

Net-Zero-Energy-Ready Wall panels satisfy the highest energy efficiency standard for buildings - 35 on the HERS Index, satisfying Passive House infiltration limits. This is where BuildSMART started. Serving the Passive House community. This is where we tested all of our applied building science and solved the headaches that plague Passive House stick builders.

Pre-certified by Passive House

Previous experience with Passive House is now much less important for the builder. Achieving Passive House Certification is much simpler with the BuildSMART wall panels and Installation Manual.

We are ready to collaborate with your design team, optimizing the energy and cost budget targets, planning and scheduling, meeting specific project goals.

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