Features Overview

  • Cost comparable to traditional building methods
  • Performs to <0.6 air changes per hour for Passive House levels of energy efficiency
  • Meets Passive House thermal bridging and insulation requirements
  • Triple-glazed windows and exterior insulation = ultra-quiet interior
  • Filtered fresh air significantly reduces allergens
  • Components accommodate all design styles, from traditional and transitional to modern
  • Produces structures that traditional tradesmen and buyers recognize and prefer
  • For all builders, no training required
  • Conventional floor framing and roof trusses are sourced locally
  • Certified by Passive House Institute (PHI) in Germany

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Window Panels

Passive House-certified windows are preinstalled and air-tightened into the wall panel. Available in widths of 4’, 6’, and 8’ and heights of 8' and 9'.

3-0 height single window
3-0 height twin window
5-0 height single window
5-0 height twin window
6-6 height single window
6-6 height twin window

Door Panels

Passive House-certified doors are preinstalled and air-tightened into the wall panel. Available in widths of 4’, 6’, and 8’ and heights of 8' and 9'.

Solid core door
Full glass door
Half glass door 

Corners Panels

Corners are preformed and contain no thermal bridges. Available in heights of 8' and 9'.

2’ Inside corner
2’ Outside corner

Slab Foundation Forms

Achieving high levels of energy performance requires continuous insulation beneath the concrete slab and footing. Though slab insulation is easy using locally sourced materials, continuous insulation that incorporates the foundation footing can be a challenge.

The high-density, termite-treated Build SMART J-form is installed in the footing excavation to isolate and insulate the foundation from ground contact. The J-form serves as the footing form and the slab edge, making it easy to achieve continuous insulation beneath the perimeter concrete footing and interior concrete slab.

Build SMART J-forms provide superior insulation while eliminating multiple steps in the construction process.

Straight Panels

Exterior insulation, nail base, and water-resistive barrier are all preinstalled. Available in heights of 8' and 9'.

1’ panel
2’ panel
3’ panel
4’ panel
6’ panel
8’ panel