Higher Performance 

Every seam or hole in the perimeter wall of a conventionally built structure means an unintended loss of conditioned air. In the summer, cooled interior air leaks out and hot, moist air leaks in. In the winter, heated air escapes and cold, dry air comes in.

Build SMART's panelized wall system greatly reduces those seams and holes, saving the owner significant energy costs. Build SMART components perform to the Passive House standard of <0.6 air changes per hour and meet the Passive House thermal bridging and insulation requirements.

Climate-Specific Design

The Build SMART system offers modular R-values for climate-specific design. The meticulously modeled system uses the outside of the thermal envelope as the reference line, so increasing or decreasing the R-value of the components does not affect the initial modeled geometry – saving huge amounts of time in re-entering project geometry.


Build SMART structures can reduce energy consumption by 60-70%. Even better, energy-efficiency is now possible for anyone. Yes, YOU can afford a green home. Build SMART is breaking the status quo to bring energy-efficient homes within reach for every family in America, no matter your income level.