We plan on implementing the Build SMART panels in all our projects because of the cost savings – whether they’re Passive House projects or not. We expect the Build SMART system to shave about two months off our construction schedule.
— David Schleicher, President of Prairie Design Build in Kansas City

Simple to design

We’ve simplified the designer’s job by eliminating the need to specify every minute detail of a building's perimeter walls. The plug-and-play Build SMART components allow designers to create a high-performing building envelope with the confidence and assurance of both quality and price.

No more guesswork about assembly airtightness, thermal bridging or cost. Just tell us the R-value you want, and we’ll deliver a system that meets stringent Passive House standards and your client's budget. Moreover, Build SMART components don’t limit the architect’s design. Create a home or building to your preferred aesthetics – whether it’s traditional, transitional or modern. To get started designing your Build SMART project, download the component files in AutoCAD, Sketch Up or REVIT.   


High-performing, energy-efficient construction may sound great in theory, but often it calls for additional protocols and premium rates that would tack on time and cut into your profits. So why change the time-tested construction methods that have led to your success this far? Because times are changing, and Build SMART makes designing and building to high-performing Passive House standards easy.

Simple to order, affordable to build, easy to finish -- Build SMART components don’t require additional training or specialized trades. Use the same electrician and plumber you’ve already got on speed-dial. And get Passive House levels of energy usage for the same cost of conventional construction, with a faster build time. Imagine telling that to your customers.

We’ve got the numbers to prove it. Numerous buildings across the U.S. are successfully demonstrating how simple the Build SMART system is to implement, at a cost that is competitive with traditional site-built construction. 


Energy-efficiency is now possible for anyone who chooses to use Build SMART products.

Let our system stop the bleeding on utility bills. 

Did you know that since 2000, spending on utilities has increased by 56% while overall consumer spending has increased only 38%? Apply the money you save on energy bills to the equity in a high-performance, airtight home... and feel better about your carbon footprint.


Energy-efficiency is now possible for anyone who chooses to use Build SMART products. Yes, YOU can afford a green home. Build SMART is breaking the status quo to bring energy-efficient homes within reach for every family in America, no matter your income level.



The Build SMART building envelope system was created to fix many of the common issues builders and tradesmen have with Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPs). Even though both SIPs panels and Build SMART wall panels are designed to save energy, a SIPs assembly differs from Build SMART in many important ways.

The rigid insulation of a perimeter SIPs panel is sandwiched between two structural facings. This makes it difficult for framers, plumbers, electricians and other trades to do their work in a timely manner. With SIPs panels, it's not uncommon for tradesmen to cut through one or both facings and into the insulation foam to accommodate interior wall connections, wiring or plumbing runs. Efforts to repair those holes to restore airtightness and thermal integrity often fall short.

With the Build SMART system, the interior framing looks exactly like a traditional, stick-built structure before batt insulation is installed. By placing continuous rigid insulation outboard of the structural wall, the potential for thermal breaks is eliminated. This also takes any guesswork out of installing utilities, interior partitions and finishes. Energy efficiency made simple.


Every seam or hole in the perimeter wall of a conventionally built structure means an unintended loss of conditioned air. In the summer, cooled interior air leaks out and hot, moist air leaks in. In the winter, heated air escapes and cold, dry air comes in.

Build SMART's building envelope system greatly reduces those seams and holes, saving the owner significant energy costs. Build SMART components perform to the Passive House standard of <0.6 air changes per hour, and meet the Passive House thermal bridging and insulation requirements.

All of the Build SMART components are prefabricated of high-quality materials constructed in a weather-protected environment. This ensures that a Build SMART structure won't suffer compromised performance or premature decay caused by exposure to adverse weather conditions during conventional site-built construction.

Build SMART wall panels come with preinstalled, air-tightened windows and doors. This not only cuts out this part of the job for the builder, it also guarantees a level of airtight, thermal performance that’s difficult to achieve with traditional, field-installed windows and doors. Our PVC-framed, tilt-turn windows and doors are Passive House-certified.