Build the home of your dreams, while saving money and reducing energy costs. For single-family projects, the Build SMART system yields a 60-70% reduction in energy bills, easily off-setting the monthly cost for the fractional increase in construction cost.

An Energy Efficient Dream Home in Virgina

Energy conservation was always important to Laurie Huber and her husband Ross Huber, who lived in an urban area just outside of Washington, D.C. So, when they purchased 20 acres in Boydton, Va. (about 200 miles southwest of D.C.), they reached out to architect Adam Cohen to because they knew that they wanted Passive House construction to maximize the energy efficiency in their future home. Adam told them his new building envelope system, called Build SMART, would be a perfect fit for their project. 

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 This Retired Couple Is Building The Home Of The Future: A Passive House

Jim and Joan Joseph's new home will save an estimated $1,400 a year, compared to a standard-built home of equal size.

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improve your quality of life

In addition to Passive House levels of energy efficiency, Build SMART homes offer a number of health and wellness benefits. Enjoy improved indoor air-quality and comfortable, consistent temperatures in every room of your home. The high-performance windows, doors and superior insulation also help to keep the inside of your home extremely quiet and the steady ventilation eliminates odors and keeps the humidity within a comfortable range.


Lower Your Utility Bills

Did you know that since 2000, spending on utilities has increased by 56% while overall consumer spending has increased only 38%? The Build SMART system can reduce your energy bills by up to 70%, putting more money back into your pocket. Some states, municipalities and utility companies even offer grants, rebates or low-interest loans to help you cover the cost of building new energy-efficient structures. 


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Affordably

Build SMART is breaking the status quo to bring energy-efficient homes within reach for every family in America, no matter your income level. Houses built with the Build SMART System consume 60%-70% less energy than traditional code-built construction, allowing you to easily and affordably do your part to help the environment.  


Your Picture Perfect Home

Build SMART is a structural open wall system with continuous insulation and an integrated weather resistant barrier on the exterior. Once the shell is completed, a design can be customized to have the exterior look you desire and the interior finishes you envision (just like in traditional builds).

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We are grateful to be in our new house. We are very comfortable with its even temperatures and continuous fresh air. It is beginning to feel more like the home we dreamed of having.
— The Nichols Family, La Grange, KY