BuildSMART supports Developers and Owners

in at least 3 critical ways

1.    BuildSMART’s fast track solution shortens the overall development time – occupancy occurs sooner.

2.    BuildSMART take much of the risk out of attempting high performance building by providing a single source for several components and a systematic approach – with how-to manual – for project teams that may not have as deep experience with very high performing buildings.

3.    By making high performance building simple and affordable, BuildSMART put money in Developer’s pockets every month for the life of their ownership when they get premium rents from a building with low operating costs.

Would you walk past a bag of money on the sidewalk if it was perfectly legal to just pick it up. That's what high performance building offers. This is the guarantee of ROI on high performance building.

Understand the opportunity. Pick up the money.

The Build SMART building envelope system is an affordable solution to construct
mutlifamily, high-performance residences with long-term benefits for landlords and residents alike.


REDUCE Construction Time

All of the components of the build are pre-built in Build SMART's climate controlled warehouse. They are delivered to the job site in optimized sequential order and go together quickly. In fact, at a recent muli-family build, four crew members installed 805 lineal feet of walls in 4.5 days, compared to an estimated 15 days using conventional framing.

With Build SMART, you'll be collecting rents sooner than you thought possible. 



improve your bottom line

For developers, using the Build SMART building envelope system may save money compared to conventional construction. A recent 49-unit apartment building in Pennsylvania came in at a cost per square foot of $148, compared to $165 for the PHFA’s code-built developments.

Ongoing savings will be represented in lower energy bills for heating and cooling common areas like offices, laundry room, computer lab, hallways, multi-purpose rooms and more.


Happy tenants Stay put

In addition to time and cost saving benefits, your tenants will enjoy health and lifestyle benefits that will make them excited to renew their lease year after year. 

  • A healthy home with great indoor air quality.
  • A quiet home with acoustic separation from the street and neighbors.
  • A comfortable home with unmatched thermal balance.
  • An affordable home with significantly reduced energy bills.


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Build SMART is ideal for “any multi-family dwelling,” whether it’s hospitality, mixed use, commercial mixed with residential, etc.
— Rob Leonard, Build SMART’s Field Technical Manager.