BuildSMART supports Contractors in at least 5 ways.

1.    BuildSMART works WITH Builders. We do not compete. We do not install BuildSMART products or perform other work of the Contractor.

2.    Our products are designed to be easy to understand and to install by local tradesmen without previous experience with high performance building or with BuildSMART systems. Framers erect exterior structural sheer walls with panels instead of sticks. We will be there with hands-on training get the building up quickly and efficiently.

Construction labor shortages have become critical

throughout the United States and Canada

3.    Builders erect exterior walls with doors and windows preinstalled. This save considerable time on site, and it reduces needs for skilled labor. We are being told that they see approximately 100% productivity improvements (linear feet of installed wall per man-day). This allows framing crews to do more jobs with the available labor force.

4.    With BuildSMART panels Contractors consistently surpass the Passive House infiltration tests on the first try. Projects are consistently achieving 0.45 ACH50 on first shell blower door tests. This significantly reduces or eliminates the builder’s time-consuming headaches of leak chasing.

5.    Tradesmen install MEP systems in the normal fashion without premium pricing since BuildSMART wall panels have normal looking 2x structural dimensional lumber frame. 

High-performing, energy-efficient construction may sound great in theory, but often it calls for additional skills and premium rates that tack on time and cut into profits. BuildSMART is transforming the construction industry one project at a time. The times are changing.

BuildSMART makes high performance building easy and profitable.


Reduce Labor Costs and Construction Time

The Build SMART Building Envelope System is designed for construction site efficiency. 

  • No additional special tools or equipment are required to produce high performing structures. 
  • Buid SMART reduces the overall number of skilled and general laborers required. This includes foundation subcontractors, air sealing specialists and window installers to name a few. Since Passive House windows and doors come pre-installed, there is no special storage or additional handling of special materials required. 
  • Decreased exposure to environmental elements with faster dry-in time. 
  • Less job site waste to handle and dispose of after completion of project.

FACT: In a recent mutli-family build, four crew members installed 805 lineal feet of walls in 4.5 days, compared to an estimated 15 days using conventional framing. 


Flexible Enough for all Projects

The Build SMART system isn't limited to single-unit homes. Scale up the project and scale up the savings. For multi-family and commercial projects, the Build SMART system can be implemented with no cost premium by applying the savings (40-60%) from the reduced mechanical system size to the envelope improvements. 


Climate Controlled Construction 

Once your order is received, we begin fabrication of your components in the warm and dry shelter of the Build SMART factory.

  • All building materials and finished components are protected from weather that often delay construction and compromises the durability and performance of site-built structures.
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors are pre-installed and air-tightened by experienced tradesmen under factory-controlled conditions so you won't spend days leak chasing. 
  • Finished panels are protected in shipping packages and shipped to the construction site in optimized sequential order based on the builder’s schedule.


Step-by-Step Guidance 

Build SMART provides On-Site Installer Training to ensure your build proceeds smoothly. No special training or installation equipment is required. The system is simple. If your crew can assemble an ordinary wall panel, they can easily assemble Build SMART panels. A 126-page Installation Manual is also provided to guide you from pre-slab work to wall-to-roof construction.


Post Construction & Long Term Benefits

In addition to time and cost saving benefits, using the Build SMART system helps you stay out in front of an ever-changing industry.

  • Stay ahead of the inevitable code changes and energy standards.
  • Enhance your reputation by building a higher-quality product that promotes owner satisfaction and reduces callbacks. 
  • Reduce waste, not only by limiting raw materials and site waste, but also with the long-term energy usage of the structures you build.
  • Contribute to the overall health and well-being of occupants.


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Download the Installation Manual

Get Step-By-Step Instructions on Passive House Construction with the Build SMART system. 

We plan on implementing the Build SMART panels in all our projects because of the cost savings – whether they’re Passive House projects or not. We expect the Build SMART system to shave about two months off our construction schedule.
— David Schleicher, President of Prairie Design Build in Kansas City