+ Why should I use Build SMART? What’s in it for me?

The Build SMART building envelope system offers ultra-energy efficient construction while saving time and money for builders, architects, energy modelers and homeowners in the entire design and construction sequence from day 1. We’ve streamlined requirements and eliminated non-value-added steps. Here’s how Build SMART benefits you:

For the builder, the use of Build SMART standard components greatly reduces shop drawing requirements. We have eliminated the need to import high-performance windows and doors. The Build SMART system provides only the value-added products; commodity items like floor and roof trusses are sourced locally. The Build SMART factory-fabricated system combines five trips around the structure by the builder into one. Build SMART materials and framing assemblies are ones you’re already familiar with, and they also accommodate regular rough-in and finishing applications using standard tools and equipment.

For the designer, there’s no more guessing about assembly air tightness, thermal bridging or COST! By using Build SMART components, designers can create a high-performance building with the confidence and assurance of both quality and price. In addition, the Build SMART assemblies do not limit the design of the structure. Our standard components enable a wide variety of designs, from traditional to modern.

For the energy modeler, the Build SMART system offers modular R-values for climate-specific design. The meticulously modeled system uses the outside of the thermal envelope as the reference line, so increasing or decreasing the R-value of the components does not affect the initial modeled geometry -- saving huge amounts of time in re-entering project geometry.

For the homeowner, Build SMART gives you the low-energy, high-performance home you desire without limiting the style of your design. The Build SMART system can reduce your energy bills by up to 60-70%.

+ Can Build SMART work with an existing floor plan?

Yes. Simply download our files from our website and adjust your plan to our standard panel selection. The design components are available in Sketch Up and REVIT. With your plan in our design format, we will deliver a quote.

Start the discussion about how to Build SMART on your project by sending us a PDF of your plans and location.

+ How much customization is possible using the Build SMART system?

Our standard offering of components accommodates a wide variety of designs to suit your preferences. However, customization is also possible through the Build SMART system for an additional expense. Customizing a project eliminates efficiencies, causing an increase in the cost of components -- though you will still reap savings in time in the field. The added product cost is typically double the cost of our standard panel system.

+ How long does it take to construct a Build SMART structure?

Once we have the design confirmed in our system, we can provide you an approximate estimate of how long your project will take to erect. Overall, the Build SMART system is faster to build than conventional construction. Typically, a precast residential Build SMART basement is set in one day. The slab system is quicker than a traditional slab insulated to the same levels. You’ll find the biggest time and labor savings in the component stud-wall panel system. The structural wall framing, sheathing, exterior insulation and nail base are all supplied as a unit. Component panels have Passive House-certified, high-performance windows and doors preinstalled and air-tightened in the assembly -- eliminating the field-setting and air-sealing of heavy Passive House windows and doors.

+ How long will it take the components to ship once I place my order?

We ship all components on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited production will be available through 2016.

+ What kinds of finishes – exterior and interior – are possible using Build SMART panels?

Build SMART is a structural open wall system with continuous insulation and an integrated weather resistant barrier (ZIP wall) on the exterior. Exteriors and interiors can be finished as you like just as usual once the shell is completed.

+ What about my mechanical systems? how do they integrate into a Build SMART design?

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are installed just the same as any project of this type. The only real difference is the small job of air sealing penetrations in the shell.

Our team is developing a plug-and-play conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) that significantly reduces the HVAC footprint and cost. We are in BETA tests on these at several sites, and we hope to have them on the market soon. If you have interest in being a BETA site, please contact us.

+ What other products or services are available from Build SMART?

The goal at Build SMART is to be a one-stop solution for high-performance buildings. We are currently working on other systems including monitoring systems, low-energy lighting and a conditioning ERV.

+ Can I talk to a real person for more information?

Of course. Contact Paul Grahovac, paul.grahovac@buildsmartna.com 888-376-3424.

+ Does Build SMART offer architectural design services?

Build SMART does not offer architectural services. However, our Sketch Up and Revit files allow any designer to create structures using our standard panel system. We also offer free training for architects on how to use our system. If you don’t have an architect, we can direct you to some local resources (contact Adam Cohen at adam.cohen@buildsmartna.com). If you’re an architect, let us help you learn how to work with our easy-to-use software design components.

+ How much insulation do I need where I’m building?

High-performance building starts with a good analysis and design. We have generally recommended minimum R-values based on climate, but we highly recommend that any project be modeled for climate specific R-values. With our system, the R-value is simple, quick and affordable to adjust.

+ I already have a builder. How can our builder work with Build SMART on our project?

We offer training for builders in use of our system. Just provide us the contact information for your builder, and we’ll take it from there to meet your project’s needs at a cost you both can rely on.