Designing With SketchUp


Designing with build smart panels

All of the Build SMART panels have been created as SketchUp components.

First download the Build SMART SketchUp files. The files will download in a .ZIP file. Extract the files as needed to your desired location.

To make the components available in your SketchUp model, open the Components window (Window-> Components) and choose Details, Open or Create a local collection. Then browse to your Build SMART files and select OK.

 The panel naming schemes are as follows:

6S-8= 6 ft wide - Straight panel - 8 ft tall
2O8= 2 ft wide - Outside Corner -  8 ft tall
4D1R8= 4 ft wide - Door Option #1- Right hand swings  - 8 ft tall
6W1-2-8= 6ft wide -Window Option #1 (twin) - 8 ft tall

To use the Build SMART components, simply drag from the Components window to your design. We recommend placing the corners first and then placing the doors and window panels in the location you want and then infilling with straight panels as required.