Designing With REVIT


Designing with build smart panels

In order to make working with the Build SMART panels easy and efficient, we have built REVIT families for each of our panels. We have also built a basic REVIT template that is pre-loaded with all the panel families, wall families and pre-defined levels based on the height of the Build SMART panel system.

The panel families are fully adjustable within the limits of the stock panel sizes that are available. You can adjust the height of the panels from 8 to 10 feet. You can also adjust the framing depth and insulation depth to conform to your specific design requirements and your structural and insulation needs.


Floor plans and panel parameters

The panels are located in the Components Library and are easily searchable by type. The panel naming schemes are as follows:

6S-8= 6 ft wide - Straight panel - 8 ft tall
2OC8= 2 ft wide - Outside Corner -  8 ft tall
4D1R8= 4 ft wide - Door Option #1- Right hand swings  - 8 ft tall
6W1-2-8= 6ft wide -Window Option #1 (twin) - 8 ft tall

When you start building your Revit model, we recommend placing the corners first and then placing the doors and window panels in the location you want and then infilling with straight panels as required.


Standard details & how to edit them



Panel tagging and schedules


Instance panels and walk-out basements