You've Got Creative Freedom

The Build SMART pre-built construction panels do NOT limit the design of the structure. Our standard components enable a wide variety of designs. Create a home or building to your preferred aesthetics – whether it’s traditional, transitional or modern.

If you've already got a design in mind or developed, we can work with it. If you are just getting started, we can provide easy-to-use design files with the Build SMART components pre-loaded to make your job eaiser. 


passive house efficiency without the guesswork

There’s no more guessing about assembly air tightness, thermal bridging or COST. By using Build SMART components, designers can create high-performance buildings with the confidence and assurance of both quality and price. Just tell us the R-value you want and we’ll deliver a system that meets stringent Passive House standards and your client's budget.  


full control of the exterior & interior finishes 

Build SMART is a structural open wall system with continuous insulation and an integrated weather resistant barrier on the exterior. Once the shell is completed, exteriors and interiors can be finished to your design (just like in traditional builds).