Super energy efficient homes are a great idea in theory, right? More and more of your customers seem interested in reducing their energy costs and their impact on the environment. Besides, building codes are only becoming more stringent and you're going to need to adapt your materials and methods in order to thrive.But energy efficient home building is a daunting venture. It requires different materials, different building methods and different protocols. Sure, there is some energy efficient building systems out there, but they make the process even more complicated for you and your subs. What if from out of the fog of these complicated issues a clear solution arose, so easy and so simple and so affordable that any competent builder could do it?

BuildSMART is that solution. A partnership between PROSOCO and Adam Cohen, designed to make durable, super-energy-efficient construction simple, affordable and accessible for any builder, architect or owner. At BuildSMART, we make Passive House levels of energy efficiency not only possible, but simple. BuildSMART is making energy-efficient, cost-efficient and time-efficient building simple by using modular prefabricated panels. BuildSMART panels, slab foundation forms and insulated basements are assembled in a quality-controlled environment with continuously insulated stud walls.

At BuildSMART we understood it was essential that components are simple to design, order and install. They show up on the job site and your crew simply puts them in place and fastens them together. No special training, no added design complications, go super energy efficient up to passive house levels at a comparable cost of conventional construction with reduced build time. Designing and building energy efficient structures is now cost effective and simple, through BuildSMART.

Higher Performance 

Every seam or hole in the perimeter wall of a conventionally built structure means an unintended loss of conditioned air. In the summer, cooled interior air leaks out and hot, moist air leaks in. In the winter, heated air escapes and cold, dry air comes in.

BuildSMART's panelized wall system greatly reduces those seams and holes, saving the owner significant energy costs. BuildSMART components perform to the Passive House standard of <0.6 air changes per hour and meet the Passive House thermal bridging and insulation requirements.

Climate-Specific Design

The BuildSMART system offers modular R-values for climate-specific design. The meticulously modeled system uses the outside of the thermal envelope as the reference line, so increasing or decreasing the R-value of the components does not affect the initial modeled geometry – saving huge amounts of time in re-entering project geometry.


BuildSMART structures can reduce energy consumption by 60-70%. Even better, energy-efficiency is now possible for anyone. Yes, YOU can afford a green home. BuildSMART is breaking the status quo to bring energy-efficient homes within reach for every family in America, no matter your income level.

Whitehall, Spring City, PA

A 49-unit, 52,781 Square Foot structure that has set a New Standard in Multi-Family Passive House Construction, using the BuildSMART System.